Editorial Policies

The Editorial Board  is composed of a Principal Editor and several Associate Editors.

The decisions concerning E-systematica, including decisions concerning its content, format and distribution, are made by the the Principal Editor in mandatory consultation with the Associate Editors and the SFS council when judged necessary.

The Principal Editor is member of the SFS council and is elected by the council every turnover. The other members of the Editorial Board are proposed by the Principal Editor or the council members.

At first, the Editorial Board draw up a list of subjects considered relevant to complete the encyclopedia. Contributions to E-systematica are solicited by invitation from a member of the Editorial Board to write an entry on the designated subject. However, authors can also send their propositions (through an abstract, see the Guide for authors). By authors we mean persons who posses a PhD in relation to the subject and/or who have already published on the matter in scientific journals.

All entries, whether solicited or approved, will be examined by at least two reviewers : a speicalist and a non-specialist. Students who are evolving in the fields of systematics will be encouraged as non-specialist reviewers. Authors are invited to have a constructed debate regarding the critics they have received during the review process before the publication of their article.

E-systematica readers are encouraged to contact the authors directly for comments, corrections and other suggestions.

It remains the responsibility of authors to maintain their entries and to keep them current, (1) in response to important new research on the topic of the entry and (2) in response to any valid criticism they receive, whether it comes from the subject editors on our Editorial Board, other members of the profession, or interested readers. In a case of major revision, the Editorial Board can ask the article to be reviewed once again. Entries which are not revised regularly in regards of the Editorial Board (depending on the subject) can be relegated to the Archives and not be in the valid part of the site anymore. If an author disengages or decease, a new author is proposed to maintain the entry(ies). He/She will be automatically indicated co-author.

The views expressed by the authors in their entries are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editorial Board, the council of the SFS, or of anyone else associated with the SFS.